Primary Care Paramedic

Primary Care Paramedic (PCP)

PCPs.jpg This is the medical practice level of most of British Columbia's career paramedics. Skills mastered by paramedics with this level of training include: Intravenous therapy, extraglottic airway devices (KING Airway), nasopharyngeal airways, automatic external defibrillation, Entonox for pain control, diabetic treatments (D10, Thiamine, and Glucagon), Narcan (for unconscious overdoses), epinephrine and Benadryl  (for anaphylaxis and allergic reactions), nebulized Ventolin (for acute short of breath asthma or COPD), CPR, extrication techniques, patient assessment and triage, communicable diseases and isolation techniques, obstetrics, emergency driving, lifting techniques, equipment familiarity and preservation of evidence.