Off-Duty Paramedic Saves A Life

Off-duty BC Paramedic follows his instinct, saves a life.


March 01, 2012 at 11:17 AM

Off-duty BC Paramedic Alex Mattes driving along a stormy section of highway when he noticed something odd. He noticed some faint vehicle tracks heading off the road, nearly covered in snow. Minutes after passing the tracks, he couldn't help but wonder if there was a problem, so he decided to turn around.

What he found was a vehicle which had rolled off the highway, landing upside down. The driver was pinned inside the vehicle, with no way to call for help. As it turns out, the driver of the crashed vehicle was also an off-duty Paramedic.

Thanks to Alex following his intuition, a life was saved. Well done Alex!

Watch the news video HERE.

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