Recommendations made in Langley mushroom farm inquest

24 Hours - May 17 2012


May 17, 2012 at 3:18 PM

Recommendations made in Langley mushroom farm inquest



Jury in the coroners’ inquest into the deaths of three men at a Langley mushroom farm in 2008 have made 15 recommendations in total to the Ministry of Environment, WorkSafeBC and the B.C. Ambulance Service.

The recommendations, released late Wednesday, ask the province to require air circulation at mushroom farm facilities to prevent buildup of toxic gas that killed Ut Van Tran, Han Duc Pham and Jimmy Chi Wai Chan and left two others with brain injury.

WorkSafeBC was given a list of 11 recommendations, including employees at mushroom farms complete an industry certified training course before working, yearly reporting of mushroom operations, labelling hazards with multiple languages, random surprise inspections, among others.

WorkSafeBC spokeswoman Donna Freeman said the Crown corporation is “moving towards implementation” of all recommendations.

“Some of the recommendations would be easier to approve in a timely fashion,” she said.

“We’ll be bringing up the policy folk to look at how to actually accomplish this.”

The B.C. Ambulance Service is also asked to equip its ambulances with atmosphere test meters, as arriving paramedics in the 2008 deaths lacked equipment or training to deal with toxic gas.

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