Safety warning to keep your tots away from windows

News 1130 May 27 2012


May 27, 2012 at 3:13 PM

Safety warning to keep your tots away from windows

BC Ambulance Service says make sure safety locks are in place

Sonia Aslam May 27, 2012 08:24:55 AM       
VANCOUVER (NEWS1130) - A safety warning to keep an eye on your kids as the weather warms up.

This time of year, we usually see an increase in children falling out of windows. The injuries are usually pretty bad, including broken bones, facial and head trauma.

The advice is not just for parents, but babysitters and guardians as well, to make sure safety locks are in place.

"These kinds of calls are devastating for families," says Tom St. Laurent with the BC Ambulance Service. "The room is really, really hot, it's always good to get the fresh air in and get the room cooled off, especially when a child's sleeping. But the problem is, most of the time cribs are put under windows."

St. Laurent adds attending a home where a child has fallen is a very difficult situation.

"Our paramedics are affected deeply by these types of calls, mostly because the family, the reaction that takes place."

He notes mom and dad will sometimes underestimate that a child that's not walking yet can't climb and pull themselves up to the window.

St. Laurent also reminds you that screens are not a strong enough barrier and will likely fall through.

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