Paramedics & DIspatchers Highlighted at BC Science World

Paramedics were on hand at the Telus World of Science 'First Responders Weekend' to highlight the profession.


October 23, 2013 at 7:47 AM

Paramedics joined the Vancouver Police Department and ECOMM 911 at The Telus World of Science for "First Responders Weekend" part of the month long celebration "Around the Dome in 30 Days" October 19 & 20. 

Over 3200 visitors came to Science World to learn about the technology and innovation used by Paramedics and Police every day. 

Paramedics and Dispatchers showcased the various tools of the trade and gave demonstrations to the public. 

12 children some as young as 4 years old learned "CPR In Five Minutes" and another 6 participated in Stretcher Making Races as part of the daily shows on the Center Stage. 

Kids also took their hand at intubation and had their ECG taken as part of the booth display Outside the public was given a free display of Classic Ambulances, current  Ambulance and the latest additions to the fleet. Also they had the chance to see the Integrated Command and Communication Vehicle and Special Operations Gator and Bike Squad. 

Thanks to all who volunteered their time to come out and promote BC Paramedics. 

Special thanks to Brothers and Sisters,  Geoff Taylor ACP, Marylyn Oberg PCP,  Aaron Sugrue CCP, Nathan Blackstock PCP/EMD, Thomas Brady PCP, Nick Mann PCP  and Amy Poll PCP of Special Ops for helping organize this event.



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