Saving My Husband

Val tells the story of how BC Paramedics & Dispatchers helped save her husbands life in a heart attack.

October 19, 2012 at 6:00 PM

On September 21, 2012 about 5:30 pm my husband had a heart attack.  

He had gone into cardiac arrest by the time the ambulance crew from Lake Cowichan arrived.  Jamie performed CPR while Dana got the defibrillator. Between the defibrillator and Jamie's CPR, they revived my husband.

Dana drove the ambulance quickly to the Duncan hospital where they verified what the issue was and had him re-sent by a transport ambulance driven by Kristian, another paramedic (sorry didn't get name) and Laura, an RN. Once again they drove in record time to Victoria where he received a stint.

Due to the excellent work done by Jamie and Dana my husband has no brain damage. The Cowichan Valley Hospital told us he was in the 1% survival group. This duo, to my understanding, is just a rookie team. Kudo’s to them, they help my family beat the odds!

Without their professionalism and care, I would be without a husband, or as per the Royal Jubilee Hospital, have a husband with brain damage.

Thank you to all.  

Val - Lake Cowichan

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