Emergency Medical Call Taker (EMCT)

Disp_side.jpg EMCTs receive the incoming 911 emergency and non-emergency phone calls. Using an established Medical Priority Dispatch System (MPDS), they assign an acuity code to each incoming call. EMCTs also provide critical instructions to 911 callers in the form of CPR instructions, childbirth instructions, bleeding control and many other life saving techniques.

EMCT's also coordinate / request services which may be required on an ambulance response, such as; Police Departments, Search & Rescue, Coast Guard, Ski Patrol, Railway, utility companies, and many more.

Emergency Medical Dispatcher (EMD)

EMDs manage all aspects of ambulance resource utilization for the incoming emergency and non-emergency calls. As the incoming calls are processed and triaged by the EMCTs, the EMDs decide which actual units respond to which calls. Paramedic units can range from a foot or bike squad, to street ambulances, and up to helicopter or airplane ambulances.

All EMDs must first successfully complete the EMCT training program.