Ambulance Paramedics Relieved BC Goverrnment Willing To Let Them Do More For Patients In Medical Emergencies

Medicine Matters - Vancouver Sun - May 11 2012


May 14, 2012 at 10:27 AM

The union representing thousands of BC paramedics says its members are happy with newly introduced legislation that will grant them an expanded scope of practice.

I sought comment from the Ambulance Paramedics of BC on Bill 48 after it was introduced in the BC legislature this week. It took a few days to hear back because leaders wanted to read the draft law first. Click here to read my story about the proposed Bill that would, among other things, enable paramedics to transport AND triage emergency patients in – and to – hospitals.

Having an expanded scope means paramedics will get more tools and training to service patients “in the field” and in emergency medical settings like hospitals, she said. But I expect we’ll see at least a little pushback by allied health professionals (nurses, doctors, etc.) as they contemplate whether their own turf will be encroached.

Here’s what Bronwyn Barter, president of the Ambulance Paramedics of BC union now has to say about it:

“We are cautiously optimistic the future for paramedics in British Columbia will be filled with growth, change and new opportunities.

“Bill 48 certainly has the potential to improve emergency health services in BC and significantly evolve our role in community paramedicine throughout the province.
We look forward to an opportunity for ambulance paramedics to be consulted by the Province regarding how the legislation would be implemented on the ground. Enhancing the role of paramedics in communities through consultation and cooperation with the APBC is clearly something ambulance paramedics in BC would embrace.

“It will take cooperation and partnership by all parties to define the road ahead for emergency health services in British Columbia and ensure we get the type of quality care we all want for BC patients.”

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