Paramedic Week - Today's Paramedic - Randy MacLeod

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May 28, 2015 at 1:04 PM

As we continue to celebrate National Paramedic Week, I’m pleased to introduce you to your next BC Paramedic Randy MacLeod.

Bronwyn Barter
Provincial President
Ambulance Paramedics of BC
CUPE Local 873

My name is Randy MacLeod and I’ve been a paramedic with the BC Ambulance Service for over 30 years.

In the Fall of 1983 I walked into the ambulance station (fire hall) to join ‘the Revelstoke Volunteer Ambulance Service’.  I was somewhat surprised to learn that not only was it a Provincial Service, but I would be paid for ‘a callout’!

I moved to Vancouver in 1986, primarily to study at UBC, but I sought out opportunities to ride 3rd to experience the ambulance service ‘in the big city’.  These experiences led to meeting new friends, who would become my colleagues.  From this point on, training, learning and gaining both operational and clinical experience has never stopped.  I committed to make this my career and became full time in 1993. 

Although I always wanted to return to the Interior of the Province and hoped Kamloops would someday be my home, I felt I needed to gain some operational and clinical experience. I stayed in Vancouver and worked as a PCP, then ACP, eventually becoming a member of the Air Ambulance Team as a CCP. In 2004 after nearly 20 years working ‘on the streets of Vancouver’, I finally transferred to Kamloops as a Critical Care Paramedic (CCP) Unit Chief.

Being part of the BCAS Critical Care Program based at Station 370 has been the highlight of my career and it continues to provide many challenges and rewards, both clinically and operationally.  I have contributed to the development and implementation of the BCAS Interior Region Autolaunch Program and also to our dedicated Air Ambulance CCP helicopter base.  There is great satisfaction in making a difference for a critically ill or injured patient; especially those in rural or remote areas. It is equally satisfying to work with BCAS team members and other responding partner agencies; together we are working to build a more skilled team across a huge geographical area.   We learn from each patient experience and we strive to make our program and our system even better prepared for the next patient.  I am proud to be a part of the Critical Care Program Team and of our accomplishments thus far. 



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