Six Ambulances Arrive At PG's University Hospital With Babine Forest Blast Victims

Six ambulances arrived at the University Hospital of Northern BC at 6.03 am...


January 23, 2012 at 3:33 PM

Story From Opinion250:

Six ambulances  arrived at the University Hospital of Northern BC at 6.03 am. , this morning, carrying victims of the blast and fire at Babine Forest Products, just after 8pm. last night.
The hospital was placed on code “Orange” last night meaning all resources across the north were mobilized to treat those injured.
Following the explosion 18 were taken to Burns Lake, 2 to Vanderhoof, 4 to Fraser Lake, and 4 to Smithers. As soon as they could be stabilized according to Steve Raper of Northern Health they would be transported to Prince George which began happening this morning.
There are unconfirmed reports that three people are missing in the explosion believed to have been touched off by a propane or natural gas explosion resulting in a massive fire at the mill.
Fire fighters from all regions in the area were only able to stop the spread of the fire.
Added to the problem a snow fall warning remains in effect From Fraser Lake Eastward to, and including Prince George, as ambulance drivers and police alike have had to battle extremely bad road conditions in an effort to move the burn and blast victim’s to Prince George.

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