2011 Cops For Cancer - Tour De Coast

The 2011 Cops for Cancer Tour de Coast is proud to have eight APBC Riders join the Team this year. They will ride, along with law enforcement members, in an 850+ km journey September 21st to 29th.


May 04, 2011 at 1:58 PM

The 2011 Cops for Cancer Tour de Coast is proud to have eight BCAS Riders join the Team this year. They will ride, along with law enforcement members, in an 850+ km journey September 21st to 29th around Metro Vancouver, Sunshine Coast and Sea-to-Sky Corridor.

This years Team will be captained by two of our BCAS members, Platoon Superintendant Julien Ponsioen and Paramedic Al Pruden. This honor is a reflection of the dedication by BCAS and it’s members towards this important charity. 

Each rider has set a goal of $6000 to raise this summer before the tour starts on September 21st.

Please take the time to read each riders bio on why they are part of this cause and visit their donation pages (links included) to donate individually. 

If you would like to donate to the team as a group please click on the BCAS Team Members donation page.

Join us in the fight against Pediatric Cancers and support Camp Good Times for children with cancer.


Julien Ponsioen  

Julien_Ponsioen_BCAS_Tour_de_Coast_2011.jpg Why do I ride?  I ride for every child and every parent that has to deal with a vicious disease that tries to destroy their bodies and spirits.  I ride with the hope that one day there will be no more cancer.  The strength at which these kids stand up to the disease they have and fight it is absolutely inspiring.  They have a spirit that would challenge even the most powerful world leader.  That spirit has gotten me back on my bike this year to train and fundraise even harder, these kids need us to stand by them and help them fight these battles. 

Thank you for your support and encouragement.

Julien Ponsioen
Duty Superintendant



John Bone

John_Bone_BCAS_Tour_de_Coast_2011.jpg I am riding for my second year with the Cops for Cancer.  I’m looking forward to riding this year raising donations to fight cancers in children. I believe our kids are our future, so please donate to our future.

John Bone




Bob Lee

Bob_Lee_BCAS_Tour_de_Coast_2011.jpg This will be my third year in being involved in the cops for cancer tour. I am amazed and touched by the people who have gone through this horrible disease. They are the fighters, the survivors and the fallen heroes.

They have taught me several lessons:

1) Live and enjoy the moments, and

2) Be courageous and fight the disease.

I honor and ride for these special individuals. I dream and imagine that every stroke I make on my bike, it will be one step closer to finding a cure for all cancers.

To read my blog: www.bob-lee.ca

Bob Lee



Tom Venables 

Tom_Venables_BCAS_Tour_de_Coast_2011.jpg Hi, my name is Tom Venables I've been a paramedic for 18 years, 14 of which have been in the lower mainland. I work at the downtown east side station 248.

This is my 4th year participating in this great cause. I've met so many great people over that last 3 Tours, all inspiring me to continue with a goal to raise funds for pediatric cancer research and programs that help children with cancer and their families.
We have all been touched by cancer, be it family, and friends or even colleagues the list is endless.


Thomas Venables



Jeff Krauss

Jeffrey_Krauss_BCAS_Tour_de_Coast_2011.jpg Hello,

I will be participating in my first Cops for Cancer-Tour de Coast.

I’m honored to be chosen as a Whistler RCMP Auxiliary Constable to ride in this event. I believe in the need to raise funds for pediatric cancer research.

As a paramedic with BCAS, I see the need for communities to work together on a cause that affects so many people. This is a great opportunity to support a worthy cause.

I wish to thank everyone in advance for his or her support of me in this challenging endeavor.

Jeff Krause



Al Pruden

Al_Pruden_BCAS_Tour_de_Coast_2011.jpg Greetings!

For the third year in the past four I will be riding along side dedicated cops and fellow paramedics to raise donations and awareness of Pediatric Cancer Research.  I am honored to be one of two Team Captains this year and hope that you will join me and our team in fighting cancers of all kinds in children. Together we will beat this disease.  One child with cancer is one child to many.

Al Pruden



Christopher Iregui 

Chris_Iregui_BCAS_Tour_de_Coast_2011.jpg My name is Christopher Iregui and I am an Emergency Medical Dispatcher and Primary Care Paramedic with the BC Ambulance Service in Vancouver. I am proud to be part of a team of other EMDs and paramedics, along with law enforcement personnel, dedicated to raise money and awareness for pediatric cancer research, and Camp Good Times. Personally I have set a goal of $6,000 and ask for your help to achieve my goal.

As I train and prepare for the Tour de Coast, the patients that I have encountered provide motivation that words cannot describe 

Please support our goal and donate to the Cops for Cancer - Tour de Coast

Christopher Iregui


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