The Provincial Executive Committee (PEC) formally consists of the President, 1st and 2nd Vice Presidents, Provincial Recording Secretary, and Provincial Secretary-Treasurer. Informally, it also includes our CUPE National Staff Representative, and 873-02 (Emergency Dispatchers of BC – Ecomm) representative. The PEC is also part of the Provincial Executive Board (PEB), which further includes all of the Regional Vice Presidents (RVP’s).

Provincial Executive Committee:

Position Name   Email
President Jason Jackson
1st Vice President Dave Deines
2nd Vice President Dustin Jackson
Provincial Treasurer Lorraine Till
Provincial Rec Secretary Keith Taylor
Provincial Chief Grievance Officer Ted Harrison
CUPE Staff Rep Sherman Hillier

Meet The Executive:

Jason Jackson - President

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Dave Deines - 1st Provincial Vice President

Dave started with the BCAS in 1995 at the remote station of Port Renfrew on the Island. He worked on-call in Sooke, Chemainus and finally in the Victoria Post. During that time, he held two terms as the Part-Time RVP for region 1 South.

Dave was hired full time into Vancouver in May of 2003.

Dave was elected as the 2nd Provincial Vice President in 2005, and 1st PVP in 2011. In addition to being very active with the APBC Ceremonial Unit, he has served with the Canadian Forces as a Reserve Army Medic since 1990.

Dave was elected as the Chair of the Board for the Paramedic Association of Canada in 2017 and then as President in 2019.

Dustin Jackson - 2nd Provincial Vice President

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Lorraine Till - Provincial Treasurer

Lorraine started with BCAS in 1999 in Princeton. She worked part time in Boston Bar, Madeira Park and Pemberton before obtaining a full time position in 2004 as a call taker in Vancouver Dispatch where she spent 3 years. Lorraine was first elected as a Region 2W RVP in 2013 and continued in that role until being elected Provincial Secretary-Treasurer at Convention 2017.

Ted Harrison - Provincial Chief Grievance Officer

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Keith Taylor - Provincial Recording Secretary

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