Technical Advisor/CBRNE

The BCEHS Technical Advisor (TA) program was implemented in September 2006. The program provides real-time technical information to onsite supervisors and crews regarding Chemical Biological Radioactive Nuclear and Explosive (CBRNE) responses throughout the province. In conjunction with each Regional Dispatch Centre, TAs and supervisors provide a solid first line of defence towards protecting personnel and first receiver sites. Response considerations are through an “All Hazards Approach” initiative by the TAs.

The TA and CBRNE have four main goals;

    • To keep BCAS staff, allied first responders and patients from further harm
    • To maintain and improve upon the health care status of all who encounter the team
    • To protect all first receiver sites (e.g. Hospital Emergency Rooms) from contamination
    • To be leaders in national standards and competency for providing safety for all first responders in CBRNE and hazardous material events

The program is administered under provincial programs throughthe Emergency Management Office. The training required is multi-faceted, beginning with either an ACP or CCP designation, followed by CBRNE Basic, Intermediate, and Advanced training.