Due to a change in bylaws, nominations for Provincial Executive and Provincial Standing Committee positions will now occur and be completed prior to Convention. As such, candidates are provided an opportunity to publish a biogrpahy, in advance of Convention, on this page.

Biographies may be submitted here. Please note the size and content guidelines.

Please note – For elections which occur online (Regional, Delegate, Etc), biographies will continue to appear on the actual online ballot, and NOT on this page.

Current Candidate Biographies

After being elected to the Negotiating Committee in the recent by-elections for vacant positions, I am now looking forward to your support for election to the 1 vacancy on the Negotiations committee.
I retired after a 35-year career in corporate real estate and then changed career paths to become an EMR. I’ve been employed as a part-time paramedic at Station 411 Invermere since 2014.
During my career, I spent over 10 years negotiating pipeline land rights throughout Alberta.  In my early years I obtained senior-level accreditation in the field of negotiations. As I progressed through my career, I subsequently entered more senior levels of management working to meet corporate real estate objectives, developing strategic initiatives and creating problem-solving solutions.
Later in my career, I became a partner in a commercial real estate consulting company. In this role I spent significant time appearing before adjudication tribunals as an expert witness. Working with legal counsel to provide advice on real estate tax matters, my files were presented at the Alberta Court of Queens Bench, Alberta Court of Appeal and even the Supreme Court of Canada.

Being based in a rural station, I’ve had the unique perspective to experience situations that may not happen in more urban areas.

Since joining BCEHS in Invermere, I have also witnessed the challenges employees face when attempting to become a career paramedic. My ultimate goal is to help create an environment where individuals in rural areas can make a living, as a BCEHS paramedic, without having to take on part-time employment elsewhere.
I look forward to being an advocate for paramedics in rural settings, but also a passionate representative for BCEHS paramedics as a whole.

Graham Kerslake

Dear Members: I am seeking your support for re-election to the position of Benefit Trustee. I have been serving as Trustee for our supplemental pension since October of 2019 and I’d like very much to continue in this role. 

To say that this year has been a challenge for fiscal and pension managers would be an understatement. With the global pandemic came unprecedented market implications. Fortunately, our already strong pension is in a good position to capitalize on the market volatility and ensure a strong recovery. Our fund managers, administrators and of course the Trustee’s will lead us

through this time. I have learned much with my involvement in this time and look forward to learning more as we progress.

Over the last ten years I have served 873 in a number of positions, up to and including Provincial President. This experience has given me a unique insight to all aspects of our union and membership. During this time, I worked to successfully resolve the matter of incorporating Regular Part-time members in the Supplemental Pension. As well, I assumed a lead role for the important and significant changes to our PSPP. In doing so, I worked closely with a pension actuary and lawyer to guide the changes for memberships future, while learning some the intricacies and law that govern our pensions. 

I hope to build upon this experience and knowledge base in the role of Benefit Trustee. I look forward to acting on your behalf as Trustee for future enhancements, like the possible inclusion of On-call members to the Supplemental Pension. The years ahead will be important as we lead our important supplemental pension into a strong and prosperous future for members.

I hope I have your support in the election for this important position.

Cameron Eby

I am Grant Farquhar and currently finishing my first term as Union Trustee. I am an On-Call PCP from Kimberley Stn.414. My regular job is as Financial Secretary for United Steelworkers Local 1-405. I am responsible for the financial well being of the entire Local. As a Trustee I have been Appointed as the Chair of our Committee this past year. As a 873/873-02 Trustee I have participated in yearly audits(including with our external auditors) meetings(both PEB/PEC) and training for the role. I have prepared all the documents required to report to CUPE National and have the knowledge and ability to continue. I have formerly been an RVP in Region 4 and have been an active member of APBC since 2006. I believe I bring honesty, transparency and integrity to this valuable opportunity.

I am asking for your support in this role to continue ensuring the well being of our APBC local and members. Call me or email me for more information.

Grant Farquhar