Nomination Rules:

1) Nominations must be submitted within the specified time frame for 1st, 2nd or 3rd call.

2) The nominated member will receive an automatic email notice at their APBC email address AND the address entered. The nominated member is REQUIRED to LOGIN to to either ACCEPT or DECLINE the nomination. Nominations without a valid acceptance will be considered spoiled & void.

3) Nominations must be made by an employee of, and for an employee of the region which corresponds to the open position. Nominations for positions outside the nominator or nominee’s region shall be considered spoiled and void. See what region you are in here.

4) Nominated members must confirm acceptance of their nomination, at My Nominations before close of 3rd call nominations. Confirmations will NOT be accepted via telephone, email or fax. Nominations, which are not confirmed via the My Nominations online system, prior to the close of 3rd call, shall be considered spoiled and void.

5) SOCC Nominated members must possess the relevant qualification for the position to which they have been nominated. Nominated members may be required to submit proof of license. Nominations for un-qualified members shall be considered spoiled and void.