1st & 2nd Call for Nominations – Delegates to Convention 2019

Dear Members;

Re:     1st & 2nd Call for Nominations – Delegates to Convention 2019

As required by our By-Laws, this is the FIRST (1st) & SECOND (2nd) call for nominations for Full Time/Regular Part Time and On-call Delegates to Convention 2019This year, Convention will be held over three (3) days, October 8th, 9th & 10th at the Sheraton Vancouver Airport in Richmond. 

Please note: There has been a change in the category names for delegate positions, to align with the change made by BCEHS. Members historically referred to as “Part time” are now referred to as “On-call” 

You will be advised at a later date as to the number of delegates entitled to attend Convention for your Region.  Please note that nominations must be for members in good standing in the Union.   

Nominations must be submitted through the electronic form provided on the APBC.ca web site (https://www.apbc.ca/nominations).  VERBAL, WRITTEN or FAXED nominations will NOT be accepted.  3rd and FINAL call for nominations will follow in June.

Nominees MUST CONFIRM their ACCEPTANCE of nomination ON-LINE at https://www.apbc.ca/my-nominations prior to the close of 3rd & FINAL call for nominations.  ONLY ON-LINE acceptances will be considered valid. 

The onus is on the NOMINEE to ensure their nomination has been accepted within the time limits.  NO FURTHER attempts will be taken to confirm acceptance of nomination.

The DEADLINE for 3rd & FINAL call for nominations is WEDNESDAY, JULY 3, 2019.

In Solidarity, 

Jessica Chilton
Provincial Recording Secretary
CUPE Local 873


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