1st & 2nd Call for Nominations – Provincial & Standing Committees

Dear Members:


This is the 1st & 2nd Call for Nominations for the positions listed below.  The 3rd & FINAL call for nominations will follow in July.  The elections will take place at Convention 2016.

PLEASE NOTE: With a change in Bylaws regarding nominations for Provincial & Standing Committee positions at the 2014 Convention, 1st, 2nd,3rd and Final call for Nominations will now occur prior to Convention. A list of valid nominees for each position will be published to the membership no later than 50 days before Convention. NO FURTHER NOMINATIONS WILL BE ACCEPTED AT CONVENTION.

The following positions are up for election at Convention 2016.

Standing Committees: 

Bylaws Committee

2 vacancies, remainder of 2-year term ending 2017

1 part time

1 either part time or full time


Union Trustee

1 vacancy, 3-year term, ending 2019

Open to full time or part time


Superannuation Committee

1 vacancy, 3-year term, ending 2019

Open to part time only


PMLC Representative

(Provincial Medical Leadership Council)                  

1 vacancy, 2-year term, ending 2018

Open to PCP members only



Nominations must be submitted through the electronic form provided on the APBC.ca web site (https://www.apbc.ca/nominations/).  VERBAL, WRITTEN or FAXED nominations will NOT be accepted for 1st call for nominations.

Nominees MUST CONFIRM their ACCEPTANCE of nomination ON-LINE at https://www.apbc.ca/my-nominations prior to the close of 3rd & FINAL call for nominations.  ONLY ON-LINE acceptances will be considered valid.

The onus is on the NOMINEE to ensure their nomination has been accepted within the time limits.  NO FURTHER attempts will be taken to confirm acceptance of nomination.

The DEADLINE for 3rd & FINAL call for nominations is WEDNESDAY, JULY 13, 2016. 


Cameron Eby

Provincial Recording Secretary

CUPE Local 873                                                                                                                                                                   


1st & 2nd Call for Nominations for Standing Cmts V2.pdf