2020 Morris Ebanks Scholarship Winners

Dear Members;

Re: 2020 Morris Ebanks Scholarship Winners

Morris Ebanks was a career paramedic in BC and served tirelessness on behalf of the Paramedics

and Dispatchers in our service and union. Each year three scholarships are awarded in his, and all

those who have served our union’s memory.


Following a thorough review of all applicants on behalf of the Provincial Executive Board, we are

pleased to advise the successful applicants for the 2020 Ambulance Paramedics and Emergency

Dispatchers of BC, CUPE Local 873 Morris Ebanks Memorial Scholarships are:


1. Hunter Parkinson (North Vancouver)

2. Morgan Spain (Gibsons)

3. Nicola Leech (Cobble Hill)


We thank all those that applied with excellent applications and we wish them long and productive

careers in their chosen paths.



Greg Heyes, Dave Leary & Grant Farquhar

Union Trustees

Ambulance Paramedics of BC

CUPE Local 873

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