Abbotsford ACP Deployment

Dear Members:

I write with a brief update on the possible changes to the Abbotsford ACP deployment model. Many members have contacted the union with questions and concerns about rumoured changes. The predominant rumour was that the current 202A1 unit was being converted to two ACP PRU’s, in the near future. This obviously raised questions and concerns for the existing 202A1 regular staff.

Today, Jessica Chilton, Sherman Hillier, Jason Jackson and I met with members of BCEHS senior leadership and Labour Relations on a number of issues. We were able to advance concerns raised with us and seek clarification on this issue. 

The Employer has confirmed to us that no decisions have been made about changes to the Abbotsford ACP unit deployment model. Discussions about possible changes are occurring within BCEHS management, but no final actions will be taken without further discussions with the union.

We look forward to discussing with the employer further, to ensure that if changes are to occur, the impacts to and rights of existing staff are considered.

I will update you again at the earliest opportunity, thank you for your continued patience.




Cameron Eby

Provincial President

Ambulance Paramedics and Emergency Dispatchers of BC


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