Alpha Shift Premium Update

Dear Members,

The Alpha Shift Premium which was negotiated during our last round of collective bargaining has now come into effect and should be reflected on members’ April 23, 2021 pay cheque.

As per F7.00(d), “Commencing the first pay period after April 1, 2021, Employees working an Alpha Paramedic shift shall be paid $3.60 per hour for all hours worked between 18h00 and 06h00.”

During recent engagements with the Employer, the Union has been made aware that a dispute exists between the parties over the application of the Alpha Shift Premium described above, specifically as it pertains to Irregularly Scheduled Employees (ISE).

As per A1.01(i)(vi) in our Collective Agreement, “Where an ISE is filling an Employee’s shift that is less than twelve (12) hours, the ISE shall return to the station and report to a supervisor for assignment of other duties for the balance of their deemed twelve (12) hours.”

The Union has been advised by the Employer, that ISE’s that are scheduled for shifts other than Alpha (such as a Bravo, Charlie, Echo, Delta), will not receive the Alpha Shift Premium for this shift, despite A1.01(i)(vi) which requires them to work 12 schedule hours.

Pursuant to Appendix 20 of our current Collective Agreement, the Union has referred this matter to Arbitrator Vince Ready. A policy grievance has also been issued but will be held in abeyance while the dispute remains before Mr. Ready. As information becomes available to report from this process it will be provided to the membership without delay.

In addition to the aforementioned, we would like to remind members to regularly review their pay advice to ensure that all the appropriate premiums and adds to pay have been applied. The following is a list of recent increases and premiums that should now be reflected on members’ pay advice.

  • 2% General Wage Increase – April 23, 2021 pay period
  • Night and Weekend Premium – April 2020 pay period (Schedule F, F7.00)
  • Alpha Shift Premium – April 23, 2021 pay period (Schedule F, F7.00) 

If upon review, a member determines they have not been compensated in accordance with the Collective Agreement please contact Employee support at: and provide as much detail as possible to assist in resolving the matter. If a member is unable to resolve the situation contact your RVP and file a grievance. 

Provincial Executive Committee
Ambulance Paramedics of BC
CUPE Local 873

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