APBC Colouring book

Dear Membership! 

We are so excited to announce the APBC Colouring book is now available on the website for download at your convenience! 

The goals of the colouring book are to allow those Paramedics and Dispatchers doing school visits or community events something to educate a younger audience and spread our message of safety. In the colouring book you will see messaging about ensuring you look both ways before crossing the road, wearing a helmet when engaging in activities, and wearing a life jacket near water.

There is also a 9-1-1 fillable page. The goal of this page is to be filled out by the child with their parents or guardians and then placed on their fridge in case of an emergency. This will allow them to answer pertinent questioning by EMCT’s in a high stress situation.

Currently Bearamedic Stickers are being printed as well for hand out. Those will be available in the next few months. 

Any and all feedback is welcomed. Happy colouring! 


Megan Lawrence 
Provincial Public Education Director 

Click HERE to view downloadable colouring book