APBC Facebook Group launch

Dear Members:

We are happy to announce that the Union has now launched an official APBC Facebook group. This private group will be open to all current and retired APBC members, and allow a new way to access important information you as a member need to know. Members will be able to comment on posts, ask questions of your elected union officials and have a dialogue about important current events. Member bulletins and updates will now be posted on the APBC website, APBC private Facebook group and sent to all members via your APBC email, with the goal to reach as many members as possible.

As you may know, the Union has a long history with the operation of private discussion forums. In the past, due to concerns over liability, union-hosted forums had to be discontinued. Problems with poster identity and password sharing also contributed to the decision to discontinue these forums. Facebook groups solve many of these issues, as a person’s posts are tied to their own personal Facebook account. After suggestions and discussions with our Social Media Director, Communications Director and the PEC/PEB, we recently reviewed the liability issues with both our legal council and CUPE. Both have supported moving forward the creation of a private APBC Facebook group and a subsequent motion of the PEB was carried.

The APBC private Facebook group should be considered an extension of your workplace. The workplace polices we all adhere too are applicable to this new group. Please review the official Terms of Use document here.

New posts in this group are limited to the group administrators, which will be your elected union officers. The main reason for this, it to ensure that important posts from the Union office do not get lost in the mix with other social posts. Union officers (PEC, RVPs, etc) are encouraged to post, engage with the membership and answer questions where they can. Any member of the group can comment on a post, or submit a question 

You can join the new group now, at this address: https://www.facebook.com/groups/APBC873/


Provincial Executive Committee

Ambulance Paramedics of BC

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