August 2018 Member Newsletter

In this issue:

President’s Update “Following a successful advocacy day in May at the BC Legislature, we’ve begun work on another strategic goal of our organization: paramedic self-regulation. Self-regulation means the establishment of a Paramedic College to oversee licensure and practice scope. APBC is very supportive and committed to achieving this goal. I have had discussions about the establishment of a Paramedic College with the Minister of Health, Adrian Dix. I’ve since formally written to him, to request to start the process. You can review that letter here:”

Provincial Vice President Update “We are very pleased to announce that the National liability insurance program for paramedics is now available to BCAS EMCY/EMD’s….Despite what the employer may tell you, they will only indemnify you at work until there is a divergence of interest and then you are on your own.”
Treasurer’s Report: Honour House, what does it mean to you? “A few years ago, Convention passed a Bylaw that each year members would be assessed $5.00 per pay period for 4 pay periods ($20.00) with the proceeds being paid to Honour House as membership for all our members. This year we were proud to present a cheque for $79,853.18 to Honour House.” 

P.A.R.T.Y Program “P.A.R.T.Y. is run entirely by volunteers! Professional volunteers such as BC paramedics are the heart of the program. We are grateful for the continued support of the many paramedics throughout Vancouver Island who give their time for a few hours every month to share our important injury prevention message. We are always looking for more volunteers. This is a great way to prevent traumatic injury in youth in your community while gaining CME credits!”

BC First Responder Mental Health  “The (BC First Responder Mental Health) committee will be holding the first-ever BC First Responders’ Mental Health Conference on Jan. 31 and Feb. 1, 2019. For more details please see the website.” 

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