August 2019 Monthly Newsletter

In this issue:

President’s Update “On July 19th, I was so happy to sign an Agreement in Principle (AIP) for a new, three-year term, Collective Agreement. This AIP represents fifty-five days of tough negotiations, over a seven-month period. The last eight days of which were mediated by respected Arbitrator Vince Ready.”

Labour Relations: Did You Know…? “Did you know that you have the right to review your BCEHS personal file? You also have the right to remove any old material (11.04’s, discipline, etc.) from your file, and the union strongly recommends that you take this opportunity.  The relevant Collective Agreement language is found in Article 11.”
EMALB and Criminal Record Checks “As you are likely aware, a memo was recently sent out by EMALB to all members regarding criminal record checks, and this has prompted many questions.  Understandably, the concern from members is that the new requirement to get a criminal record check with each licence renewal and/or application is done “at the licensees expense”.

Ceremonial Unit Spotlight “Derek joined the Ceremonial Unit because he wanted the opportunity to honour all first responders who have given their lives to their communities, both in the line of duty, as well as years of dedicated service.”   

Delegate Calculations: How are they done? People often wonder how the numbers for the delegates to Convention are determined.  Some people even believe it has to do with where Convention is held and that if it was held somewhere other than the Lower Mainland, that the delegate numbers would change between regions or full time/on call.”

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