August 2020 Member Newsletter

In this issue:

President’s Update “As I write this update, I fear for what we are seeing with letting our guard down in regard to our diligence of COVID-19 and increased exposures particularly in communities and younger populations, we are seeing the curve bend back upward and we must renew our diligence to this virus and adhere to the experts advise and guidance. Of equal concern, we must address our significant staffing shortages and resources issues which is exacerbating our mental and physical wellbeing, we cannot sustain the current countless hours of workloads, excessive unit utilizations, lack of resources, forced overtime, OOS service and systemic staffing issues.

The Tour Paramedic Ride is here! “From August 23 to September 5, 2020, we encourage you to hit the road, join the Tour Paramedic Ride Strava Club and share your photos and videos of your stroll in your beautiful regions! The compilation will create one great video at the end of the summer. .”

Ceremonial Unit Spotlight: Meet Rob Long “Rob joined the APBC Ceremonial Unit in April 2015 to represent our profession but more importantly, to proudly represent our membership in honouring the fallen. He enjoys the comradery, discipline and solidarity of our unit and is always ready to answer the call of duty.”  

Change of Leadership at CPMF “At the regularly scheduled meeting in July, there was a change of the position of President for the Canadian Paramedic Memorial Foundation (CPMF). Our own CCP Grant Ross has decided to take a much needed rest from his role as President. Since before 2012, Grant has been the founding voice and vision in getting a monument placed in the Nation’s Capital.  I am pleased to announce that Tom Zajac, also an APBC CCP, has accepted the nomination as President. ” 

Provincial Safety Message “Before COVID you likely heard about Connect and Recover Program, this program helps to provide support to any members wanting to participate to get you treatment almost immediately for MSI injuries and get you back to work. This is a joint venture with WSBC, BCEHS, and APBC. Provincial Safety fully supports this program as it allows members to get treatment quickly. Statistically workers that are away from work due to injury over a period of time can be negatively impacted physically and psychologically making retuning to work difficult.”  

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