BC Health Workers Want To Cover Your Hands In Glitter To Teach

A lesson about COVID-19 comes from an unlikely source; some B.C. paramedics recommend glitter as a teaching tool about how viruses spread.

In an interview with Burnaby NOW, Ambulance Paramedics of BC president Troy Clifford said the shiny specks that get everywhere are a good representation of how germs behave.

With your hands full of the stuff, go on touching the things you normally do and examine the trail of shiny gunk you leave everywhere — much like the invisible gunk in the form of germs left behind wherever we touch.

Baker said the exercise could help kids understand how germs spread and will make them a bit more careful when they get ready for school in the coming days.

With your room, clothes, and probably soul now completely covered in glitter, sit back and think about the actions you took that lead you to this colourful situation.