BC Paramedics Paid Less Than Minimum Wage

BC Paramedics Pay

Did you know Paramedics in some communities in BC make LESS than minimum wage?

On June 1st, the minimum wage in British Columbia increased to $13.85 an hour. While this increase represents a positive change for British Columbians, many Paramedics work in communities and are required to be at stations and ready to respond within 90 seconds to an emergency, for only $12.33 an hour. By 2021, minimum wage is set to increase to $15.20 an hour – leaving paramedics $2.87 behind the standard.

These Paramedics are are the majority of the staff serving rural and urban communities, 24/7. Communities like: Prince Rupert, Cranbrook, Penticton, Campbell River and more. While working what is called a “standby” shift, the Paramedics are required to be at work, ready to respond in 90 seconds or less. When, or if, they are assigned an ambulance call, they are paid their full Paramedic rate of pay for a minimum of three hours. This staffing model is broken. These communities are finding it harder and harder to recruit and retain Paramedics, which means ambulances are going out of service. That puts the public at risk.

It’s time for change. It’s time for a new staffing model that recruits Paramedics and serves British Columbians in all communities.

Speak to your MLA about Paramedic staffing in your community today: Click Here