Be Prepared Summer Campaign


Ambulance Paramedics of BC launch #beprepared Summer Campaign

June 30, 2023 – This long weekend the Ambulance Paramedics of BC (APBC) are reminding British Columbians to take extra care and attention while heading out for the busy summer season.  As part of their summer public service announcements, the APBC are urging the public to #beprepared as people make plans to enjoy the summer.

“Our paramedics and dispatchers see a noticeable rise in summer-related accidents, whether it’s at home, on the highways, enjoying water activities, or out camping, and we’d like to remind people that they can take small precautions that can help them avoid big problems,” says Troy Clifford, APBC President.

As the school term has officially ended, the public tends to hit the highways, lakes and recreational areas in large numbers.  There are over 800 car crashes a day in British Columbia, and with the nicer weather, highway traffic rises exponentially, especially over long weekends. This also doesn’t include tragedies like drownings, ATV accidents, and a host of other preventable injuries.

“Each year, we see traffic and water accidents that are often avoidable.  People need to be prepared, slow down, use safety gear when needed, and take better care when out on the highways and our local lakes and beaches.  We don’t want anyone hurt or injured while spending time with loved ones or driving to visit family.  Our recreational areas are a place for family and friends to enjoy the summer, and we just want to remind everyone that they need to be responsible and kind to others on the road and look after each other as much as possible.”

As British Columbians know too well, heat-related emergencies are also becoming a large problem in our province, and we have seen the consequences for not being prepared.

“Now is the time to buy fans and air conditioners.  We encourage people to check in on their neighbours and loved ones, and make sure they have a plan to help them when the time comes.  We need to think ahead, and not get caught unprepared again.”  Clifford says.

To assist with heat emergencies, the NDP Government has injected 10 million in funding in conjunction with BC Hydro for air conditioning units for the vulnerable, with 50% of the proceeds expected to go towards apartments and multi-unit dwellings.  While these programs will take time to take effect, British Columbians are still encouraged to touch base with vulnerable and at-risk neighbours and family members.

“Over the coming weeks and months, we are launching our Public Service Announcements on our social media sites to bring more awareness to the common injuries that our paramedics see day in and day out.  Hopefully we can avoid some of these accidents, and with some planning and preparation, we can cut down on these summer tragedies.”

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