Bulletin to Region 1 South

Dear Members,


There was an issue with a couple of the motions passed at our recent Union meeting. We have been advised that two motions from the meeting were, in fact, out of order.

The motion referring to casual employees getting paid overtime when working past scheduled hours was out of order. Bylaw 4.2, one region cannot pass any motion that may affect any other region. As it was a bargaining resolution it is not something we can affect from motions at our regional Union meeting.

The motion directing delegates how to vote in regard to supporting getting the Ambulance Paramedics into the Police and Fire Bargaining Act. This motion is out of order for the above reasons and under National Constitution 2.1 (c), it speaks to preserving the democratic rights and liberties of a trade union.  Part of that democracy is the charter right to vote for whom you wish to.  A motion cannot direct delegates on how to cast a ballot.

We apologize for not catching these errors at the meeting. There will be opportunity to further discuss this at the next Union meeting, and we will have conversations with the delegates before convention.

CUPE Bylaws

4.2 – Decisions of Meetings No region shall make a decision that will affect any other region. Motions of such nature shall be referred to the Provincial Executive Board for direction.


CUPE National Constitution

2.1 (c) to defend and add to the civil rights and liberties of workers in the public service and to preserve the rights and freedoms of democratic trade unions


Thank you,                                            

Paxton Grill & Scott Sywake                                                                    

Regional Vice President – 1 South   

Ambulance Paramedics of BC

CUPE Local 873

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