Business Agent Committee memo

Dear Members,

At Convention 2017, a policy resolution was carried that called for the formation of a Committee to review the possible implementation of paid ‘Business Agent’ positions within our Union.  Working from Policy Resolution 02-2017 and subsequent Policy 1.20, a committee was formed and mandated with the task. 

The Committee’s review is complete, and the report is now available and can be viewed at  The report was presented and discussed at the Provincial Executive Board (PEB) meeting in June.

Upon consideration of the Committee’s report and recommendations, the PEB passed a motion in accordance with Bylaw 8.2(g) to second Jason Jackson into the position of Chief Grievance Officer for a period of 6 months.  Jason has been working very hard to successfully reduce our grievance backlog since his appointment to the role of Provincial Vice President (PVP) following Sherman Hillier’s temporary assignment with CUPE National. 

As was reported previously, PVP Hillier was temporarily assigned to our local as a CUPE National Staff Representative to address our grievance workload.  Sherman worked closely with PVP Deines and Jackson, and the added support of a third member proved to be extremely effective resulting in a tremendous reduction to our grievance backlog.   

We now welcome Sherman back to his role as PVP.  We are confident with the temporary addition of a dedicated Chief Grievance Officer, we will continue to make progress and more effectively manage grievances within a reasonable timeframe.


Provincial Executive Committee

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