Alexandra Anastasia Marshinew – Region 3 – Regional Vice President

Hello APBC!

My name is Lexi and I’m a full time Primary Care Paramedic in the bustling metropolis of Armstrong, BC. I live in Lake Country with my 5 year old son, Jackson and all of his hot wheels cars! I’ve been nominated for several Union positions this election, and although it’d be an absolute honour and privilege to be elected for any one of them, the role of RVP is my ultimate goal. Last year I moved back to the Okanagan after spending some time down in Vancouver post where I was lucky enough to get to know some 2W RVP’s, as well as some pretty phenomenal Paramedics who inspired my drive to take action and start to build my own Union path. I’m extremely passionate about crew support and accessibility, and advocating for my Paramedic community. That’s why I believe I’m a strong candidate for this role. If elected, I strive to advocate for you, Region 3, to the best of my ability, with the full force of the APBC Union behind me. I will make myself accessible for all of your RVP and Union needs. I look forward to creating strong relationships within the Union, HR and the various degrees of management to work towards efficient resolutions for our Region 3 Paramedics. I look forward to getting to know more of you and creating more relationships within the Paramedic community. It’d be an honour to represent and serve my community in this role, and I promise if elected I will do just that!