Andre Ledoux – Regions 5-8 – Regional Vice President

Following our recent negotiations, and as we look forward to the upcoming implementation of the many positive changes we were successful with, we still face many challenges in our northern regions around staffing deployment and the development of more full time and career-oriented positions.

We’ve all watched our workplaces endure many changes over the past recent years, and along with those changes comes a host of issues that can affect us in ways that are not only difficult to predict, but also may be challenging to accommodate.  These changes included the impending end of SOC, new selection processes for FT and RPT positions, paid training for PCP-IV and other levels, more localized FT hiring no longer obligating relocation to the lower mainland, and a host of others!

As we move forward within our professions and careers, I would be honoured to continue representing our member’s interests, and with your vote I look forward to being able to continue providing member support and representation.

Thank you for your consideration,