Brinton Deluca – Region 2 West – Regional Vice President

My name is Brinton DeLuca, I am a PCP at Station 252. Over 13 years I have worked as an EMCT, EMD and PCP. As I wrap up my first full term as RVP in 2 West, I can proudly share some of the accomplishments I have made on behalf of our membership. I have attended hundreds of 1104, 31.03, mediation, payroll, RJLMC and various other meetings to uphold our contractual right and ensure proper process. I have also researched and written hundreds of grievances. When I undertook a major grievance cleanup in our region last year, we had over 140 pending action grievances in 2 West. I can proudly say that as I write this today, we have less than ten. Members in 2 West can now expect to have communication about their grievance initiated within days, rather than weeks. The result of this work has been significant money, positions and seniority paid out to members who rightfully earned them, among other successes. While conducting this work, I have been able to build strong, cooperative relationships with both management and HR at various levels to help facilitate the mediation of issues more seamlessly and favourably. I have proudly and humbly undertaken the role you elected me to and feel confident that I have fulfilled it to the expectation of our members. I would like to continue to build upon that with your vote. If elected, I plan to seek education specific to what is beneficial to our local to better my ability to articulate arguments to the employer and protect our collective rights. I also plan to continue to foster the relationships I have built with the Employer, and the trust I have built with the membership, to continue to achieve successful resolutions to grievances and investigations. Lastly, I would like to build more time in outreach to be available around the region for general face-to-face Q&A’s.
Thank you for your consideration, I look forward to continuing my hard work if elected to do so.