Candis Siena Visser – Region 2 West – Regional Vice President

My name is Candis and I’ve been nominated to continue my role as an RVP in region 2 west.

I’ve been a paramedic with BCEHS for over 15 years working in various remote, rural and metro areas. I’ve been involved in a Union capacity for over 6 years with experience as a Shop Steward and most recently as an RVP in both 2E (two terms) and now 2W.

I currently hold a Unit Chief position at Stn 240 while juggling 2W RVP duties.  I seek to resolve issues by finding factual answers and being as informative as possible while striving to be supportive, helpful, and caring when it comes to communicating with our members.

It means a lot to be able to represent our members and take on that battle to fight for them when they have been aggrieved. I am proud and thankful to be nominated by my peers to represent our members, and I look forward to earning your support in this election so that I can continue to represent our members in all work/union-related matters.

In Solidarity,

Candis Visser