Chelsey Aryn Sharp – Region 3 – Regional Recording Secretary

My name is Chelsey Sharp, and I am running for the Region 3 Recording Secretary position. I am very excited about this opportunity and would like to say “thank you” to my nominators. Over the last 12 years I have worked as a UC, CP, and PCP, across the province. My experience as a UC has proved invaluable to me when dealing with conflict resolution, 11.04, payroll, and other various issues. As a CP I learned how to define my scope of practice, and further encompass my ability to advocate for my patients’. I am currently heavily involved with APBC Ceremonial Unit, and take great pride in representing our profession on a public platform. In this role I have attended LODD Funerals, Award Ceremonies, and APBC Retirement Dinner’s. I also for the past 2 years have been nominated as a Region 3 Delegate for Convention, bringing issues forward that were expressed by my peers. I was recently elected as Shop Stewart at 341 and am overjoyed to continue my involvement within the union. I look forward in continuing my growth, and supporting my peers within my home post and region. I am running for this position to assist the Region 3 RVP and our Provincial Executive Committee. I believe in this role I will learn invaluable skills, and wish to take on an advocating and supportive role, for my Brother and Sister’s. 

Sincerely Chelsey Sharp