Guy Hicken – Region 4 – Regional Vice President

It has been my honour to serve as acting RVP while Amy Chris has been on leave for the last year. With Amy now stepping down I had been nominated to run as RVP and have obviously accepted. I have spent the last year on the steep learning curve that is this role. I have created some solid relationships with the Employer. Relationships where, I feel, we are often able to come to terms that are fair and equitable for the employees that I represent. If elected I promise to continue to hold the employer to the Collective Agreement and fight for our staff. I regards to goals for the term, I feel a small tour of the stations with my other RVP is in order. There is a lot of distance between the stations in this region, and I think that this sometimes hinders the union’s efforts. I want to further build the Shop Steward network and make sure that all employees of the region know they are supported both locally and at the provincial level.