Josephine Miladinovic – Region 1 North – Regional Vice President

Hello, my name is Josephine Miladinovic, most of you may know me as Josie. I have worked in region 1 North both as a Paramedic for over 9 years and Community Paramedic for nearly 4 years. During this time, I have been the Shop Steward for Tahsis for 6 years. Having regularly attended the APBC Union Convention as a convention delegate I have had the opportunity to speak on behalf of and with my peers of region 1 north on the challenges we face in our region, along with idea’s to better improve the overall lives, and work experience in the province. My peers would describe me as an advocate for the rural and remote communities in my region and I hope to continue to support my fellow peers in other regions as well.

My goals for this term if elected is to have more union meetings in region 1 north in the rural communities for example the Tri-Port (Port McNeill, Port Alice, and Port Hardy) and Campbell River making it more accessible for members of those communities to attend, be informed, and meet bylaw obligations. I will continue working on the project’s set out by the previous RVP’s. One of those being the use of video platforms for meetings which will be made available to those individuals who may not be able to attend the meeting’s due to the location of where the meeting is being held or due to other obligations where someone may not be able to attend due to personal, family reasons or work reasons. I would like to see union meetings be more accessible to all members as I am aware of the cost incurred to those who do travel to the union meetings. I am willing to learn and willing to listen. Vote for me so that I can serve you as region 1N RVP.