Michelle Annette Casanova – Region 3 – Regional Public ED. Director

Hello, I am Michelle Casanova and I am seeking your support in my desire to hold the position of Region 3 Public Education Director. Thank you to my nominators.
I am very passionate about public relations and can be found supporting or coordinating different public relation events in the Okanagan. One of the areas that I thoroughly enjoy is working with local youth of all ages.  Whether it’s an organized tour or an impromptu visit well we are grabbing a snack or coffee I love to connect with the public. With support from the union I always have a goodie bag with things from the union whether it’s a whistle, light, pen among other fun things.  I have had the opportunity to do presentations at retirement homes as well as at daycares, schools, girl guides and recently spent a week discussing basic first aid with over 100 grade 5-7 students at a local school.
In addition to being passionate about presenting to children I also enjoy sharing my love of the career by volunteering at local events like parades, sporting events, fun fairs etc.
In addition to being a Paramedic I am a wife to Pat and a mom to Ali, Reid, Kiana and Cole. We share our home with our labradoodle Macy. I enjoy running, playing soccer, CrossFit, skiing, biking, yoga to name a few. When not out being active I can be found reading, crafting although the real truth as to why I am active is because I love to cook and bake. A side effect of this love is the station often smells amazing.
When considering all this position holds, I have the time, passion, experience and most of all desire to fulfill this role to the best of my ability.
Thank you for considering me for this position. Please reach out if you have questions, concerns or comments.
In friendship,