Collective Agreement Implementation Update

Dear Members,

Update Re Collective Agreement Implementation

I want you to know we are doing our best to try and keep you all updated as much as possible, I

admit I am finding it challenging, but none the less I remain committed to keeping you all updated

and informed.

I wanted to get an update out with regards to the various committees and union appointees for

rollout and implementation of the Collective Agreement, we have been actively working on all

matters and pressuring the Employer to move along expeditiously, we have meetings this week and

hope to have better sense ideally by end of week or next on timelines for the various committees

and implementations issues/matters. We have no further update on Retro payout other than it will be

before the end of the calendar year (December 31, 2019). As soon as I have any definitive date, I will

let everyone know.

I am advised the Expense Claim forms reflecting new mileage rates and CTO banking administrative

processes are now in place to reflect the new changes. We are awaiting the Employer appointees

for the various committees. We are close to finishing the first draft version of the new Collective

Agreement which incorporates all new changes.

We communicated to the Employer the following on October 30, 2019

Dear Provincial Executive Board Members;

Re: APBC – Collective Agreement Implementation Team and Committees

On behalf of the Executive Committee the following is an update and summary of the various

committees and tasks for implementation of the Collective Agreement.

Thank you all for the Expression of Interest and offers to participate, we have done our best to

balance and ensure inclusion, key roles having the right expertise and spreading the work out; sorry

we couldn’t accommodate all requests, rest assured there is lots of work and we will be using


Under separate cover we will be advising the Employer of appointments and key implementation

tasks, deadlines etc.


be a high-level joint labour management working group for oversight of all aspects of rollout

and implementation of the Collective Agreement. We are working on finalization of the terms

of reference/agreement. Troy Clifford Jason Jackson Dustin Jackson John Strohmaier

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Support as needed: Warren Leeder, Ted Harrison, Kelly Budway, Amy Chris, the remainder of

PEC as required


collective agreement done as soon as possible is a priority. We need to get everyone, but in

particular the PVPs, RVPs, Stewards and members a working document, even if it is in draft

form initially. Following up on consultation, discussions, the PEC, the meetings with the ER,

here is the plan with respect to getting a collective agreement drafted:

The Union Collective Agreement review/draft and implementation team/group will be Troy

Clifford, Lead Jason Jackson, Ian Johnston, John Strohmaier Sat Dhillon (support) and

Cameron Eby (as required) The rest of the PEC and Negotiating committee will be tasked and

provide support as needed. Under separate cover I have advised the Employer of our plan to

move forward in an expeditious way by drafting the first version. We are holding our initial

meeting to compile the first draft version on Nov 5, 2019 at the Union office; we want to drive

and steer this and getting the first version early is one step. We have set an ambitious

timeline to have a working draft by mid-November.


Vacation Selection Review Committee – (4 union positions)

Lorraine Till, Lead

Keith Taylor, Kevin Marriott, Warren Leeder

SOC implementation Committee – (two union representatives covered by ER)

Jason Jackson and Dustin Jackson – Leads. As we work through this we will need to utilize

as many of the PEC, RVPs and Bargaining Committee as possible and/or needed particularly

in SOC and its sub committee’s expression of interest received from the following:

Ian Johnston, Amy Chris, Andre Ledoux, Christian Anderson, Annemarie Byers, Keith Moraes,

Keith Taylor, Shane Thair, Ted Harrison, Tanis Douglas, Grant Farquhar, Kelly Budway) We

have communicated the need to move ahead expeditiously with Fatigue/ FAID Tool Training.

Harassment Process Committee – (4 union positions)

Dave Deines – Lead

Dave Leary, Andre Ledoux, Megan Lawrence NOTE: We have identified the typo on date says

Oct 31, 2019 which the parties need to clarify

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Substance Use Disorder Sub-committee – (3 Union positions)

Bob Parkinson – Lead Melanie Stephens, Kelly Budway

Post Shuffle Working Group – (3 Union Positions)

Dave Deines – Lead

Shane Thair, Keith Moreas

Provincial Joint Occupational Health and Safety Committee Proposal #2 – (2 from POSH)

Corey Froese and Bob Parkinson

District Occupational Health & Safety Committee Proposal #2

TBD – Bob Parkinson and Corey Froese will select representatives in Consult with PEC

Employee Benefits -Rehab Committee Proposal #69 – (2 union positions)

Bob Parkinson and Warren Leeder

CISD Steering Committee Proposal #68 – (2 union positions)

Melanie Stephens and Lindsay Kellosalmi

Office of Expedited Arbitration Proposal ER #08

Jason Jackson, Dustin Jackson, John Strohmaier

Grievance Clean Up ER#08 (Office of Expedited Arbitration)

Jason Jackson and Dustin Jackson


Orientation to Practice Proposal #56

We are communicating with the Employer to seek a copy of the written orientation to practice

Establish LOA repository resource

Troy Clifford and Dave Deines – Implement a LOA repository

Job Descriptions Proposal #76

Re: March 4, 2019 letter of intent – Requires within 60 days of ratification the Employer will provide

the Union copies of all current job descriptions for all classifications. We have communicated under

separate cover.

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Time Off In Lieu of Overtime Proposal #2

Issue to be raised at the December PJLMC- need Employer to establish administrative procedures

Outstanding Disputes ER #9 (Selection)

Jason Jackson and Dustin Jackson – Regarding External CCP hires, going to Arbitration in March.

Definition of qualified is clear in CA, must have same requirements for all candidates.

Dave Deines – We are communicating with the Employer to seek a copy of the written orientation to


Re: March 4, 2019 letter of intent – Requires within 60 days of ratification the Employer will provide

the Union copies of all current job descriptions for all classifications. We have communicated under

separate cover.


Troy Clifford

Provincial President

Ambulance Paramedics of BC Emergency Dispatchers of BC

CUPE Local 873

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