Collective Agreement Implementation Update

Dear Members;

Re:       Collective Agreement Implementation Update

We have been hard at work and most committees’ initial meetings have been set or been held; flowing from those meetings we want to update you of the following implementation updates.


  • We were advised by the employer that five new scheduling groups for ISEs have been established in the Vancouver Post – one ACP group and four PCP groups. These groups will provide consistency and more predictable travel time for paramedics commuting to work.
  • We understand ISEs have been notified and assignment to these groups begins in January 2020. We have received potential concerns as to how ISEs were assigned to these groups which we are investigating, if you have concerns please contact your RVP/Shop Steward.
  • Paramedics interested in switching scheduled groups will need to apply to the lateral process in January, as part of the post shuffle process.
  • We are advised six-month schedules for ISEs are currently being completed and should be sent to the ISEs before the end of the month.

Wage Updates 

  • General wage increases and retroactive pay for most paramedics (including Off-car Unit Chiefs) is now complete.
  • CP retroactive pay calculations are currently in progress and should be paid out in the new year, exact date is still to be determined. Rest assured we are actively pressuring the employer on this. The complication involved system challenges of entering new wages for CPs.
  • Paramedics under WorkSafe BC claims, from April 2019 to present, will have their benefits recalculated.
  • Paramedics who have retired or moved on from BCEHS, from April 5, 2019 to final date of employment, will have their GWI recalculated. 

Joint Implementation Committee

The second meeting was held on December 11th and the third meeting is scheduled for December 18th. We hope to have a further update following this week’s various meetings.

The Union confirmed that union appointees who are a part of the various Collective Agreement implementation committees will follow existing employer processes for committee leave approval and TMA in order to work on committee tasks as needed. 


We met with the employer on December 12th, initial terms of reference were agreed to and planning has been started for critical timelines. Employer and union leadership FAID training is being confirmed with a target of late January for training rollout. Our next committee meeting is January 7th.


Troy Clifford
Provincial President
Ambulance Paramedics & Emergency Dispatchers of BC
CUPE Local 873

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