Connect and Recover Program

Dear Members;

Re:      Connect and Recover Program

The CAR program, as reported at last convention is coming to the Lower Mainland. The Union and the Employer met to go over first steps last week and will start the collaborative work to help support roll out.

The program goal is to reduce human and financial costs around injuries. Instead of going off injured for a period of time then trying to re-enter the workplace, the concept is to stay engaged and working even if it is in a modified working environment. Maintaining connection with the workplace, minimizing the loss of income and decreasing the time needed to reintegrate into work. 

An example would be that shoulder injuries, being a common type of injury, would have a pre-set modified job list already in place. If you injure your shoulder you follow regular notification processes with a new step. As in other industries you will now be reporting to a designated First Aid Attendant, the assessment and forms will be filled out including a collaborative discussion of what you are able to continue doing. The employer will have a list of meaningful work ready duties for you to stay at work while recovering. They also have a free, designated treatment process in place for this injury where you get access to a physiotherapist within 24-48hrs. This treatment also comes with monitoring and job matching abilities. 

The general premise is that the longer a worker is away from work the harder and longer it is to return to work.  Other things become a secondary issue to the original injury delaying a return to pre-injury condition.  

This is a positive step for the mental health of our members in several ways:  there is employer support, engagement, a feeling of being valued; as well as, a feeling of commitment towards the worker and their recovery.

Please see link for a short video regarding the Connect and Recover program, filmed in collaboration with BCEHS and WorkSafeBC:




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