December 2019 Member Newsletter

In this issue:

President’s Update “Your RVP’s and PVP’s are working hard at coordinating our response to the various “Attendance Wellness Program” and “sick leave” initiatives. We have noted significant inconsistencies with many facets of the employer’s implementation. If you are receiving an “attendance management” type letter or have had issues concerning this employer initiative, please contact your steward or RVP for assistance and guidance.”

A Message from Paramedic Association of Canada  “Work continues on PAC’s Vision 2025 that would see a move to degreed paramedics as a standard for the profession. As part of that process we will be starting work next year on the Paramedics Profile renewal for 2021.”

Ceremonial Unit Spotlight: Meet Sandy Ranger Growing up in an isolated logging camp made up of approximately 50 families instilled in me a strong sense of community and helping others. I now realize how appropriate it is that my birth name (Sandra) means ‘helper of mankind’ as this is what I always wanted to do: make a difference for the better in someone’s life..”

Provincial Safety Director Update “Uniforms and jackets are a hot topic button, I’m expecting to be able to make an update very soon. I will issue a provincial notice as soon as I have this locked down.”

Holiday safety tips 

1.Keep lives trees away from heat sources
2.Hydrate your tree
3.Don’t burn wrapping paper in the fireplace

And so much more!!


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