Delegate Elections are Open

Attention:          All Members – CUPE Local 873

Dear Sisters, Brothers & Friends;

Re:       Elections – Delegate to Convention 2020 

Please be advised that elections are now open for Convention 2020 Delegate positions.

As we indicated during the call for nominations for delegates to convention, the COVID-19 Pandemic will most probably impact the normal operation of Convention 2020. The Union is still in the process of contingency planning for multiple alternatives, as we continue to monitor the status of the pandemic recovery and all relevant public health orders. As part of this planning process, the Union is continuing with the process for delegate elections as per the requirements under the bylaws. We will be providing further updates about convention as they become available. 

Please note some regional delegate positions have been won by acclamation and do not require an election. Please see list below for regional delegates that require an election.

  • Reg 1N – On-Call Delegates
  • Reg 2E – Fulltime/Regular Part-Time Delegates
  • Reg 2W – Fulltime/Regular Part-Time Delegates
  • Reg 3 – Fulltime/Regular Part-Time & On-Call Delegates
  • Reg 4 – Fulltime/Regular Part-Time & On-Call Delegates

The following regional delegates do not require an election due to insufficient nominations and delegation is awarded by acclamation:

  • Reg 1N – Fulltime/Regular Part-Time
  • Reg 1S – Fulltime/Regular Part-Time & On-Call Delegates
  • Reg 2E – On-Call Delegates
  • Reg 2W – On-Call Delegates
  • Reg 5to8 – Fulltime/Regular Part-Time & On-Call Delegates 

Please login to for balloting instructions. A copy of the nomination results has been attached for your reference. A copy of the delegate count has also been attached for your reference. 

To cast your vote please go to Please note that balloting is STRICTLY online.

The DEADLINE for casting your vote is 1300 HOURS, FRIDAY, AUGUST 7, 2020.


Jessica Chilton

Provincial Recording Secretary

Ambulance Paramedics & Emergency Dispatchers of BC

CUPE Local 873

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