Family Day – Paramedics and Our Family (We Are all Family Submissions)

Family Day – Paramedics and Our Family (We Are all Family Submissions)

February 15th is Family Day in BC. The purpose of Family Day is to celebrate and respect the values of family. Given the ongoing challenges the world has been facing – the principles of Family Day seem more important than ever. For our profession “family” means so much and many different things to us all.

In public safety, emergency services and healthcare – we are all family, metaphorically speaking.  For some of us, it is more literal. Do you have a friend, spouse, sibling, parent or child that also wears the uniform? They could be a fellow paramedic, police officer, fire fighter, military personnel, healthcare worker or other essential service. 

If so, we want to feature your photo on our social media platforms for Family Day. Send a photo of you and your family member (ideally in uniform) to by Feb 1, 2020 – include your and your family members name, the positions you hold, the services you work for and the years of service you have done. 

Photos can be older ones that you already have of yourself and your family member. If you are taking a new photo, please ensure you practice and demonstrate appropriate social distancing and mask wearing if required. Please be advised, we will endeavour to use as many submitted photos as possible but may not be able to use all of them. 

In addition to the above, we would also like to identify any families such as spouses or multi-generational families who have worked, or who continue to work in our service. This information is valuable for historical purposes and profiling. This information can be emailed directly to       

As we prepare this project for Family Day we are reminded of the importance of family, and we are grateful to have this membership that is able to come together and support each other for comfort during these difficult times – just like family. We look forward to celebrating that with all of you.

On behalf of the Provincial Executive Committee and Communications Team, thank you.


Troy Clifford                                                                                         Jessica Chilton
Provincial President                                                                             Communications Director
CUPE Local 873                                                                                  CUPE Local 873


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