February 2017 R1N Meeting

February 16, 2017 Ramada Inn Duncan, B.C.



Member sign-in

 ***No Quorum***

         25 required




December 5, 2016 meeting – No-one attended.


Read minutes from September meeting





BCGEU currently working with Pension Plan with APBC bridging as main target.



BCEHS Managers inconsistent in application of 11.04/11.05 process, choosing to go

“Firesides”. Employees meeting with BCEHS without representation. LOEs given.


Grievance procedure & updates:

Step 1 process done incorrectly and Shop Stewards & UCs unaware of grievances in their own station.

-RVPs putting grievances with incomplete Step 1 back to Shop Stewards

-26 grievances resolved at RJLMC, still many to go

-RVPs asking PEC for better tracking options & notations in online database


Station Level Elections:

–       Elections complete though some stations chose to act outside the Union guidelines in how the process ran. List has been compiled. Many Vacancies.


EOI for Shop Steward Training

– Keith to phone stations to find interested SS’s

HRH Course & Completion Time

-Re-iterated Employer’s stance.

-WSBC driven

Course going in Victoria

Paramedic Initiative

–       Union support in principle.

–       Funding offered. J. Henshaw declined offer from Local, and National.

–       E-mails between J. Henshaw and Bronwyn shared


DOSH member denied leave for DOSH duty:

Greg met with member after the meeting & going forward with grievance process.


UHR & Arbitration

-discussion regarding implementation dates of UHR

-possible new classifications of employees, patterns




Good of the Union


Meeting Draw

Tim Horton’s Gift Cards


Next Meeting

Campbell River

Date & location to be decided before March 15, 2017