February 2020 Monthly Newsletter

In this issue:

President’s Update “Another area requiring our attention is the employer’s complete failure to provide safe, timely and proper uniform to employees.  This could not be any more of a colossal failure. While we continue to fight at the provincial level, I recommend that members respectfully paper their managers on all issues, report safety/WSBC as appropriate and grieve any failures to provide reasonable and timely uniforms.”

Work Injuries: What Happens if You Don’t File a Claim?  “I recently had yet another discussion with a worker who did not file a claim with the WCB after suffering an injury at work.  I’ve been having these discussions with hundreds of workers for 30 years now. When this happens, it’s always the worker who suffers.”

Ceremonial Unit Spotlight: Meet Steve Lovestead Steve started his career in February of 1998 in Chase at the young age of 38. He moved through part time stations finishing in Vancouver and served over seven and a half years as a part timer.”

873-02 Bargaining Update “December 27th was the first day before Mr. Ready in a case management session, and interest-based sessions were held January 13th and 14th. The parties have now sent in written follow up submissions and are awaiting next steps and decisions from Mr. Ready.” 

Provincial Safety Message “We are in the peak of flu season – and now with the outbreak of the coronavirus – it is important we all protect ourselves and our patients with appropriate PPE.”  

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