First Responders Mental Health Campaign

Canadian Mental Health Week – May 3 to 9, 2021

First Responders Mental Health Campaign

Troy Clifford – President, Ambulance Paramedics & Dispatchers of BC

Ambulance Paramedics and Dispatchers of BC have seen an unprecedented number of members reach out for mental health supports in the past 12 months. Our coping skills are being tested and psychological exhaustion has set in.

Good mental health is not about being happy all the time. In fact, a mentally healthy life includes the full range of emotions — even the uncomfortable ones like sadness, fear and anger. May 3rd – 9th is Canadian Mental Health Week and this year’s theme is Understanding our Emotions.

As our staff shortages worsen, APBC has worked hard to bolster mental-health resources for our members. We need our members to be healthy so we can continue to offer a high-level of support to our communities.

I am available to speak to the media on what we are doing to help our members, as well as our participation in the mental health campaign for BC’s first responders, Share it. Don’t Wear it.


This year has been tough on every single one of us and being able to recognize, label and accept our feelings are all part of protecting and promoting good mental health. To learn more about mental health week or to find resources check out: Mental Health week

I would like to take this opportunity to acknowledge and thank each of our paramedics, dispatchers, and call-takers across BC.

Thank you and take care.

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