Holiday Selection 2017

To:       Fraser – Stations 202, 203, 205, 206 and 215     






Tuesday, November 29th – 203 Agassiz & 206 Chilliwack

Holiday selection will be held at:

Station 206 – Chilliwack (Boardroom)

8530 Young Road, Chilliwack, BC


203 Agassiz  

7:00am            check in

7:30am            selection begins


206 Chilliwack

ACP                7:30am            check in

                      8:00am            selection begins         


PCP                8:30am            check in

                      9:00am            selection begins


Tuesday, November 29th – 215 Mission and 202 & 205 Abbotsford

Holiday selection will be held at:

Abbotsford Fire and Rescue Service Training Centre, Classroom  #1

1544 Riverside Road

Abbotsford BC V2S8J2


215 Mission

12:00 noon      check in

12:30pm          selection begins


202 & 205 Abbotsford

ACP                  12:30pm        check in

                        1:00pm          selection begins

PCP                   1:30pm         check in

                         2:00pm         selection begins         


Employees should arrive at the above location with at least double their vacation selection blocks pre-chosen. This will eliminate any delay in the selection process should the block(s) you wish be unavailable.

You may use a proxy form if you are unable to attend the holiday selection events. Please elect a designate and select all of the blocks on your proxy form in order of preference to minimize the need for your designate to select blocks on your behalf. An e-mail was sent to you last week with information regarding your 2016 vacation balance and your 2017 vacation and statutory entitlements.  Please review this information and advise your supervisor of any discrepancies.   

Should you wish to elect BCEHS to be your designate, please forward your proxy form to at least five (5) days prior to your selection date.

BCEHS will follow the process outlined in the CUPE Collective Agreement and our Letter of Agreement on selecting holidays.  Employees not present and with no proxy form at the time of their selection will have one telephone call attempted to contact the employee at their primary contact number.  If no contact is made, these employees will have their holidays assigned to them using their previous year’s picks as a guideline.

Your entitlement letter also contains a link to the payout form which you will need to complete and submit to by October 28, 2016 if you would like to have your vacation carry over paid out.

Employees who are changing platoons/stations or shifts in late 2016 or early 2017 should confirm with their manager on what team they should be picking their 2017 holidays. 

Employees who attend the selection process must be prepared to remain at the selection location until their complete entitlement is selected or provide a proxy.

Employees should be aware that no payment, overtime, recall or travel expenses may be claimed for the vacation selection events, and attendance is entirely voluntary.

BCEHS is moving forward with a plan to implement standardized photo identification cards for all staff. These cards will enable staff to be easily identified as BCEHS employees to patients and the public and will also enable staff to be easily identified and qualify for benefits provided to other PHSA agency employees, such as reduced rates at certain events or when purchasing items from certain companies.  Examples are:  discounted BC Lions home game tickets, discounts at various gyms and health clubs, preferred pricing on select Apple products for personal use, discounted rates on personal phones and plans with Telus and Rogers, just to name a few.  More details on these perks and many others may be found on the POD at http://pod/BENEFITS/BEN/EMPLOYEEPERKS/Pages/Default.aspx.

To facilitate this process, we will be taking staff photographs as part of the Vacation picks process.  All staff are required to have their photos taken, and all managers will be required to verify the name and photos of their staff.  Please bring a primary piece of identification like a drivers licence to assist with the verification process.  Staff not participating in the Vacation picks process or attending in person will have their photos done as part of a separate process managed with their unit chiefs and managers.

Flu vaccinations and fit testing will also be conducted during the vacation selection.

NOTE: If you encounter a last minute emergency and are unable to attend the selection process, please contact Elizabeth Cacatian at 604.833.0485 or via email at




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Paul Vallely

Senior Provincial Executive Director

Patient Care Delivery


pc:       District Managers & Support Staff

            Provincial Scheduling Department

            Vancouver Dispatch

            CUPE Local 873


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Proxy Form

Deferred Vacation Payout Form (Please submit by October 28, 2016)


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