Interior Wildfire Activity

Re:      Interior Wildfire Activity

As you are all aware, we have been experiencing significantly higher than average temperatures. This increase in temperature is a major concern for the Interior Region right now where a high number of wildfires have been reported. With this in mind, we wanted to relay some fire safety facts to help guide us through this period. 

Facts from the BC Wildland Fire Services Website, as of August 18, 2020:

  • Current Provincial Fires for 2020 – 524 (149 new fires in the past 7 days)
  • Active Fires in the Province – 107 (95 new fires in the past 2 days)
  • Significant increase in evacuation alerts and orders in the Interior Region

Member Safety While Responding to Areas Near Wildland Fires

  • Know if/ where the fires are in or around your areas
  • Pre-plan your routes while on the roads throughout the province
  • Pre-plan extra clothing, fluids and food to take with you. Wildland fires are unpredictable and in a moment’s notice cut off the fastest route home or have you waiting multiple hours before being able to return home
  • If you do not feel safe – STOP and consult all parties for the most up to date information related to your response
  • Stay up wind from the smoke and airborne particles where possible
  • Ensure your vehicles are in recirculate mode with the temperature control settings and not drawing in the smoke and/or other toxic air particles
  • Prepare your home and family in case you or they need to leave, EMBC has some great resources for personal planning.

The Regional Executive in the Interior has a significant amount of training in these types of scenarios and we are in constant contact with them to ensure they have our full support. We will be reaching out to BCEHS senior leadership to increase information sharing and also offer our assistance in the communities most affected.  

Lastly, we want to ensure our members know they have our full support, if you need any guidance or support please reach out to your executive board or one of the support options below.

Additional Member Support

In solidarity, 

Troy Clifford
Provincial President
CUPE Local 873


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