January 2020 Member Newsletter

In this issue:

President’s Update “December proved to be a very busy month as in addition to many day-to-day issues we continued to surge ahead with Collective Agreement implementation. We confirmed all committees’ participants and initial meetings were held either in December or will be held in January.”

Provincial Grievance Update  “As of December 2019, all grievances have been put to the employer and we are currently waiting for responses. More dates will be set in January to continue to resolve the outstanding grievances. We have been working diligently with the employer to resolve back logged grievances.”

 Ceremonial Unit Spotlight: Meet Lindsay Kellosalmi Throughout Lindsay’s career she has been actively involved with APBC by fulfilling various positions such as Shop Steward, Regional Vice President and Provincial Chair-Critical Incident Stress. She is a constant advocate for mental health for her paramedic and dispatch colleagues, continuing to advocate for improved supports and prevention strategies in the workplace. “

873-02 Bargaining Update “In late November the parties averted the essential services process and a potential strike by agreeing to an interest-based arbitration process before Arbitrator Vince Ready. December 27th was the first day with Mr. Ready in a case management session.”

Start Your New Year Safely: a message from Corey Froese “Provincially I want to address some key issues that are important and timely to all members in this province. All over this province members are faced with situations that make us feel uneasy and, in some cases, we ignore this “internal warning flag” and we go head long into situations that could pose a danger to us. There are few things that I want to address in this newsletter: I hope to empower all members to stop and think about our next steps. ”  

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